Serving the Community

A&R Services are extremely passionate about the work we provide to our local community. 

Our staff are our business and it is through these deep ties with communities across Wales and the South West of England that we will continue to support several charitable causes and outreach projects. 

Our Managing Director Rayner Davies has always been proactive in fundraising with over £50,000 raised and donated to local charities such as Velindre Cancer Centre, Mind Mental Health and a selection of other charities over the past few years. 

Our CSR policy ensures that social and environmental concerns are considered in all of our business operations.

A&R Services are proud of the work we carry out in South Wales and the South West for carrying out business in accordance with the highest principles of business ethics. We are proud of our family business reputation and are committed to conducting our companies’ activities with honesty and in full compliance with current laws and regulations.

Helping people is a huge part of A&R’s culture, when A&R looked at the Why are we in business? Our Why has always been to help others and the culture we have created is intertwined right throughout the  business. 

Whether that is helping keep buildings clean and safe, offering local people the opportunity to change their lives through the jobs we provide, supporting and facilitating learning and development opportunities, or if that help is with A&R fundraising to support charities. 

All that we do is to lead with the same purpose and the same Why. And that is to help others in any way A&R can.

Christmas Appeal 2020

Charity Easter Egg Giveaway

Rayner running the London Marathon for Mind UK

Walking the Welsh Coastal Path for Charity

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