Bio-Misting Services

Regular cleaning and deep cleaning sometimes aren’t enough to keep the coronavirus and several other germs, bugs and other bacteria at bay and so more innovative techniques and equipment need to be brought in.

Slowing the spread of envelope viruses like coronavirus is on the top of everyone’s priority list within businesses in South Wales. As a nation, companies are stepping up their cleaning schedule, their cleaning frequency and investing in bio-misting where this superior infection control service offers longer protection.

Bio-misting FAQ

How does it work?
Bio-misting works by spraying a very fine mist of biocidal cleaner and disinfectant working our way through each area of your premises. This ensures that all areas including hard to reach areas such as high ceilings, tall walls, ledges and even untouched areas are covered with a reactive Steri-7 chemical. Once the biocidal mist settles onto surfaces it is left to dry and once dry, the disinfectant takes effect killing 99.9999% of bacteria, spores and viruses living on surfaces.
Why should you invest in Bio-misting Services?

Although regular cleaning and deep cleaning are effective ways to help prevent the Coronavirus from infecting your business, Bio-misting gives your businesses that added level of infection control and offers a high level of biosecurity.

Bacteria and viruses like to reproduce and spread in the presence of moisture so, even when the biocidal cleaning chemical dries and kills the bacteria that was living on surfaces it still remains active, reacting to the presence of any moisture (even microscopic). And even after spraying when moisture is present the disinfectant used continues to kill bacteria and viruses for up to 7 days on all sprayed surfaces.

How long does it take?

The bio-misting wouldn’t take any longer than your normal cleaning – depending on the size of the room of course.

What disinfectant do you use?

We use the Steri-7 disinfectant with our Bio-misting machines which carries the BS EN 14476. Once used the product effectively kills bacteria and viruses when surfaces are rested 30 minutes, 60 minutes and even 72 hours later. Meaning that even between your regular cleans our product remains to be an effective barrier.

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