Monmouthshire Building Society

How are A&R helping to Support Monmouthshire Building Society?

We recently caught up with Mark Howell, Facilities Manager at Monmouthshire Building Society with a head office and branches positioned across South Wales, to find out how A&R Services have helped to support Mark and the team to adapt to COVID restrictions and create a safe and secure environment for customers and staff alike.


As for many businesses throughout the pandemic, many were trying to navigate their way through uncharted waters, with restrictions changing on a weekly basis businesses had to ensure they were compliant with government guidelines.

“A&R Services have now been working for us since April 2020 when they were successful in getting through a robust tender process. Subsequently, they took over our cleaning contract for both our main office and branch in Newport City Centre

”Dora and the team have provided us with both a professional and effective cleaning programme from day one incorporating an enhanced cleaning regime to cover all COVID related requirements.

They have been both proactive and innovative in combating the requirements by introducing a number of changes over the pandemic period which has provided further assurances to both staff and customers alike that we are doing our utmost to adhere to the COVID guidelines as laid down by the Welsh Government thus creating a safe and secure environment for all”.


”A&R’s continued commitment and support has gone a long way to ensuring that they meet the high standard of service that we expect which has recently, resulted in them gaining the cleaning contracts for all of our additional nine branches which further demonstrates the professional, reliable and effective service that they provide.

Mark Howell, Facilities Manager at Monmouthshire Building Society

We will continue to work closely with A&R during these difficult times and we will both remain proactive in adapting to any further changes thus ensuring that a high standard of cleaning continues to be maintained.”

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